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Venue Staff

We are seeking excited and available music lovers to join our venue staff! Must be able to work weekends in St. Paul (at The Treasury) and Burnsville (at The Garage).

For more information and to apply, send a resume to employment@catalystmusic.org

Board Member of Twin Cities Catalyst Music

Organization Summary: The mission of Catalyst Music is to provide equitable access and opportunities for young people to see, experience, and participate in the Twin Cities music community. This is achieved through Catalyst Music’s all-ages venues, which host concerts and its after school music programming focused on production, recording, songwriting, and performance.

The flagship location, The Garage, is an all-ages music venue, recording studio, and educational facility located in Burnsville, MN. Catalyst Music is very excited to have opened The Treasury in April of 2022, their second all-ages venue, located in the Old Swedish Bank building on Payne Avenue in St. Paul.

In 2019, Catalyst Music hosted an organizational record of 114 live performances across the Twin Cities metro, primarily at The Garage, for over 13,500 artists and attendees. Its after school music programming has continued to grow, now including Burnsville Youth Collaborative at The Garage, Video Production Collaborative, Booking Team, and Catalyst Music Council.

Catalyst Music is at an exciting point in its young history. Before COVID-19, we were adding programs, locations, and innovative ways to connect young people with music. Before the murder of George Floyd, we were growing programs to engage diverse and passionate youth in our music community. Now, we’re reopening our programs to bring in more young people from our communities, pay even more young people from our communities, offer new ways to support and empower youth to create their own spaces and music ecosystems that are equitable, welcoming, and just.

Catalyst Music needs help to do this. We have a dedicated board of directors, but have openings and a need for more viewpoints and life experiences, which we highlight below. Reach out with any questions!

Primary Duties: Catalyst’s Board of Directors is charged with imagining the organization’s future and working with staff for ambitious, sustainable, equitable growth and exceptional service to young people. The Board is a partner and manager of staff and their programs.
  • Engaged fulfillment of three year board term
  • Focused participation in committee work, 6 board meetings, and 1-2 fundraising events a year (all totaling to approximately 1-3 hours per month)
  • Enthusiastic participation in fundraising
  • Loud advocacy for the organization through engagement with stakeholders.

Experience: The board of Catalyst Music seeks people who are fierce defenders of youth culture and believe in the transformative power of music and community. We want people who speak their mind, excel at relationship building, and can be depended on. We want people who are problem solvers, can see the big picture, and continuously ask the question, “How can we do better?” Prior board or planning/steering committee experience may be a plus, but certainly not required.

Additional Info: Women, people of color, people with disabilities, and/or people identifying LGBTQIA are encouraged to apply. Skill sets and experiences where we’re feeling thin: finance, parents of teens, educators, residents/deep connections to St. Paul and/or Burnsville/South Metro. This is a volunteer position. For more info about the organization visit our website at catalystmusic.org or contact our Board Vice President, James at board@catalystmusic.org

How to Apply: Send a resume to board@catalystmusic.org