The Catalyst Music Council (CMC) is a youth advisory board consisting of young people who reside in the communities that surround The Treasury in St. Paul and Garage in Burnsville.

Led by Community Outreach Specialist Ash Sukhu, these stipend paid positions oversee the vision, focus, and programming of each venue to ensure the organization is staying on mission and acting to best meet the needs of the community. 

The CMC is split into two branches to represent each of Catalyst’s two venue locations, The Garage in Burnsville and The Treasury in St. Paul, in order to concentrate their efforts on each surrounding community and ensure they are meeting the needs of their peers who live there

Members of the CMC perform their duties and responsibilities in accordance with the mission of Catalyst — to provide equitable opportunities for young people to see, experience, and participate in the Twin Cities music community while making the world work for them. 

They will fight to abolish systemic issues within the music industry as they work to influence, educate, empower, uplift, lead, and promote the young people of our community.

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