“This lack of music venues being open to young artist is exactly why The Garage was created. “We’re here to serve those individuals and make sure they get the equal opportunity everyone else gets to do what they love to do.” said The Garage’sexecutive director Jack Kolb-Williams. “There is no other opportunity for folks to do [the] stuff we do.” Sam Guindon is a freshman and guitarist for the band Cabin 10 who believes that “If you want somewhere to start off, [The Garage is] a good jumping off point.”

the South High Southerner, Jan. 17th, 2018


Twin Cities Catalyst Music is a member of the Burnsville Youth Collaborative, the network of services that replaced the teen center and offers after-school activities at all three middle schools in Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191. THE GARAGE’s 2,000-square-foot recording studio, which opened in 2016, opens the space four days a week to students — Monday and Wednesday for Burnsville High School and Tuesday and Thursday for the middle schools, Kolb-Williams said. Offerings also include music industry workshops and classes.

City officials are pleased with the upgraded performance space, said Julie Dorshak, Burnsville’s recreation and community services manager. “We are looking forward to our continue partnerships with Twin Cities Catalyst Music, the Burnsville Youth Collaborative and School District 191 and their plans to provide educational programming to the youth of our community at the facility,” she said.

Sun This Week, Jan. 11th, 2018


“Renovations were completed this fall, and the spiffed-up venue has proven an apt showcase for bills like this past weekend’s Ugly Sweater Party. One of the bands on that bill were NightStones, who told The Current’s Maia Jacobson about the importance of all-ages venues like The Garage. “The worst thing about being young in the scene is the lack of respect that is sometimes given to you because there is an assumption of ignorance and lack of knowledge, skill, and ability,” they wrote in a message from their Facebook page. “But the best parts are that when you do prove to the naysayers that you actually do have skill and knowledge, you are given lots of opportunities to grow and become great.”

the Current, Dec. 14th, 2017


“Spread over 2,000 square feet that used to be a sport court, the recording studio has a live room and a control room separated by a large-windowed wall, as well as a smaller room with three computer stations where people can work individually on projects.

Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191 will have a strong presence at the studio, Kolb-Williams said. Catalyst Music and the district are both members of the Burnsville Youth Collaborative. “We’re piloting some programs this year to start to see how this is all going to fit together with having supervised, curriculum-based activities for young folks to come in here and get some experience,” he said.

Sun This Week, Sept. 15th, 2016


“We’re trying to maintain the legacy that has been instilled in this place for the last 15 years, and continue the reputation it has built and the service it provides. Plain and simple,’ Kolb-Williams said. ‘Without this place, there is a whole slew of musicians and attendees that would otherwise have no way to experience live music in a safe and accepting environment. There aren’t a lot of places that can do this. For it to go away was just not acceptable.’ “

Savage Pacer, July 19, 2015


“Jack Kolb-Williams said Twin Cities Catalyst Music has been “a labor of love” for him for the past two years. The first goal was gaining operational control of The Garage; the next to “breathe new life” into the facility and hopefully continue it for another 15 years, Kolb-Williams said.”

Star Tribune, May 5th, 2015


“‘The most helpful way to think about THE GARAGE is how it exists now but also how it’s going to change. When we assume full operations just think of it as an all-ages music laboratory,’ Adams says.

Twin Cities Catalyst Music Inc. is partnering with School District 191 to offer alternative ways of learning about the different aspects of the venue. The classes that will be offered include photography, music journalism, videography, live sound production, and event planning and booking.

‘We teach kids how to book shows at the garage, how to operate lighting and sound, how to manage the stage, and work with touring artists and other artists that come through. Another thing is arts journalism,’ Adams says.”

City Pages, August 22nd, 2014


“The City Council was ‘very much in support of and delighted by’ both THE GARAGE plans and the new after school program, Kautz said.

The plan addresses Burnsville’s changing demographics, which now include more immigrants and kids receiving free and reduced-price lunch, she said. ‘Now we have a new group of kids and there’s a different need,’ she said.

She’s glad to see the music programming will continue, she said. ‘I have been a great proponent because, listen, the music and arts are also math and science,’ she said. ‘We need to have our children’s brains functioning on all cylinders.'”

Star Tribune, Aug. 2nd, 2014 

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